The Sepia Views Collection

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The 'Large' Image Size in a Bevel Cut High Quality Double Matt /  Mount surround 406mm x 305mm (16" x 12")

Illustrated here as you would receive it,  complete with a bevel cut
double matt/mount surround,
and made to 'pop into' a 406mm x 305mm (16" x 12") frame.

We will send your gift securely packed with hardboard each side and enclosed in a ‘bubble wrapped’ envelope for a complete damage free journey to it’s destination.

Below is an example of a 16" x 12" framed print. A lovely image of Bayswater - Kensington Gardens. circa 1937

Please note that we do NOT supply frames due to the possibility of damage in transit.  A list of frame suppliers in your area will shortly be made available on our site.

The image shown here is copyrighted. It is meant for reference purposes only, and is embedded with an encryption - 'The Sepia Views Collection'.  Please note that the encryption is NOT on the purchased products.

"a small piece of history captured in a moment of time"